Fruit Trees

There are many types of  grow in Greer South Carolinas. Greer, South Carolina, falls within USDA Hardiness Zone 7b, which is suitable for a variety of fruit trees. Here are some fruit trees that can grow well in Greer and the surrounding region:

  1. Apple Trees: Many apple varieties are well-suited for this climate. Look for varieties like ‘Arkansas Black,’ ‘Fuji,’ ‘Gala,’ and ‘Granny Smith.’

  2. Peach Trees: Peaches thrive in the warm, humid climate of South Carolina. Consider planting ‘Elberta,’ ‘Redhaven,’ ‘Cresthaven,’ or ‘June Gold’ peach varieties.

  3. Pear Trees: Pear trees also do well in this region. Varieties like ‘Bartlett,’ ‘Kieffer,’ and ‘Moonglow’ are popular choices.

  4. Plum Trees: Plum trees can be grown successfully in Greer. Varieties like ‘Santa Rosa’ and ‘Methley’ are good options.

  5. Cherry Trees: While cherries can be a bit challenging in the South due to high temperatures and humidity, some varieties like ‘Stella’ and ‘Montmorency’ may still be cultivated with proper care.

  6. Fig Trees: Fig trees are well-suited to the climate of South Carolina. Consider planting ‘Celeste’ or ‘Brown Turkey’ fig varieties.

  7. Persimmon Trees: Persimmon trees, especially the American persimmon (‘Diospyros virginiana’), are native to the region and can thrive.

  8. Blueberry Bushes: While not technically trees, blueberry bushes are a great addition to a fruit garden. Varieties like ‘Bluecrop,’ ‘Tifblue,’ and ‘Premier’ are good choices.

  9. Grapevines: Grapes are another fruit that can be grown successfully in South Carolina. Varieties like ‘Muscadine’ and ‘Scuppernong’ are well-suited to the climate.

  10. Pecan Trees: Pecan trees can thrive in the area, and ‘Desirable’ and ‘Elliot’ are common varieties.